Innovation is everywhere.

It is a necessity for every industry.
Here are a few of our sucess stories.



Develop new digital offer for the world leader of certification services.

Privacy is a growing concern for the average citizen as well as for their governing bodies. How can we make sure that companies use the personal information they store in a responsible manner? How do we help businesses restore trust in their relationship with the general public?

We have shown that multinational players would welcome the use of a third-party certification of data privacy best practices as a way to demonstrate their business integrity. To open this new market, we helped define a new certification framework to allow for operational assessment by our client auditors.

» Market Analysis, Trend Studies, Qualitative Interviews, Service Design, Innovation Storytelling


Predict new uses for a global leader in mobile technology.

Mobile phones are our most intimate companions; they know everything about our lifestyle, our desires, our preferences. To have the same phone used both for personal and professional reasons was a challenge for our client, as its handsets were mostly used for private purposes and professional adoption was slow compared to competition.

By qualifying each user segment, we built scenarios that showed which driver was most efficient to overcome this obstacle; thereby, extending the mobile services portfolio to better answer the personal and professional needs of most targets.


» Trend Studies, Client Typology, “Personas,” Use Cases, Service Design, Business Model, Innovation Storytelling


Redesign airport passenger journey for a leading airline carrier

To make the airport experience less stressful, information easier to access, and even create a pleasant experience, is the goal of any airline carrier. What innovations could contribute to this qualitative goal? What digital services could improve passenger autonomy?

After a preliminary study to develop a deep understanding on the ground, we organized collaborative and creative meetings. Several typical journeys were created, each featuring relevant innovations, then integrated within a larger roadmap to transform airport operations.

» Benchmarking, Ground Field Exploration, Vision, Collective Intelligence, Service Design, Communication Support


Design mobility services portfolio for railway transportation company

The time we spend in public transportation is generally resented as wasted; each delay causes deep frustration. To improve the satisfaction of its passengers, our client decided to launch a portfolio of mobile services that would be customized to the specific needs of its clientele.

The result was a range of informative, entertaining, collaborative applications that reinforced the relationship between client and their users.

» Competitive Study, Market Analysis and Selection of Potential Strategic Partners, Business Model, Distribution Strategy, Communication Support


Support the transformation of Sales & Marketing at distribution company

Business model reinvention affects B2B as well. The impact of digitial in the distribution of tools and consumables for professionals has influenced all players in the market. The most dynamic companies have rapidly started to launch omni-channel strategies. Our client asked us to help change its operational model while addressing new targets.

We supported the digital transformation of its Sales & Marketing by implementing new tools and processes, while preserving business continuity.

» Growth Strategy, New Business Launch, Omni-channel Strategy, Digital Transformation, Change Management


Speed up startup growth in their native markets

Many companies create internal startups to transform their business model, to test new ideas, or to develop new skills These startups can remain within the corporate scope or be independent legal structures, staffed by detached teams or by external sources. The design and launch phase are critical and should be managed in “lean startup” mode.

Innovatys Consulting has the ability to support these initiatives together with its partner network. Here are a few of the startups that we helped develop in the past years.

» Market Studies, Business Planning, Product/Service Design, Go-to-market, Business Development, Business Strategy, Marketing Support, Entrepreneur Coaching